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Free to be Me!

Challenge kids to recognize their God-given value and identity through horses, games, activities and engaging & interactive sessions 

2017 Day-Camp - Recap

Blazing Hope Ranch was blessed with 28 campers and 17 volunteers who created a wonderful and fun day-camp experience July 17th to 21st. Thank you to all of the parents, guardians and care-givers who entrusted your 8 to 13 year old kids to us for the week.

Special Thanks to the following organizations for giving of their time, services and resources to make the camp extra special: 

2017 Day-Camp - Pictures

Check out the pictures during the week of camp. We have posted a few on the website here and you can click the link below for access to all of the photos taken throughout the week. Special thanks to Leah O'Neil for her photography and uploading the pictures into our Dropbox!

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