John, his wife (Sarah), and his son (Liam) are long time friends of the Haggard family. After learning of the vision that God gave to David and Jolien Haggard, and seeing His miraculous provision and blessing, they wanted to be a part of God's transformative work at Blazing Hope Ranch.  John, and by extension his family, feel honored to have an opportunity to serve on the board and witness what God is doing through the ranch firsthand.


If the good news of Jesus Christ is true, then Jesus' followers have a duty to take personal responsibility for carrying out His work. John and Sarah have a desire for those who are broken and in bondage to see the light of Christ, and be made whole; therefore, they have both undertaken a personal commitment to support and steward the ranch for the glory of God. 


John and Sarah both hail from Knoxville, Tennessee, but have made their home in Dayton since they married in 2013. They are enjoying the new adventure of parenting, and being active in their local church.