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Our Eyes are on Him


In my devotions recently I have been reading through the Old Testament. The Chronicles

and Kings books are full of the epic battles, struggles, triumphs and failures of the

Israelites. The outcomes of the consequential actions of the people often rested on the

leader and his willingness to yield and trust in the sovereign Lord.

I was captivated by the story of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20. The king was informed

that a vast and mighty army was coming against the people. Some would have shrunk

under the pressure. Others may have prepared themselves for battle, relying on their own

strength, abilities and intellect. Jehoshaphat did neither.

Instead he turned to the only one who truly had the power to help. The king and the people

came before the King of kings. He spoke of God's mighty actions on behalf of His people

in the past, and humbly implored a good and loving Father to reveal himself in a miraculous

way once again.

His words in verse 12 are some of the most profound recorded in scripture and they moved

me deeply. Jehoshaphat laid bare his weakness, "we are powerless against the multitude...",

he declared his lack of knowledge and answers, "we don't know what to do..." and he fixed

his gaze on the Lord of hosts. The battle could only be won by Him.


Sometimes I think this ministry is more than I can handle with my strength and abilities and

knowledge. The chronicle of Jehoshaphat makes me realize that I am ALWAYS incapable

and inadequate. Blazing Hope Ranch rises and falls by His power and provision.

The tasks are too big, the finances too daunting, the needs too great.

So I am reminded to fix my eyes on Him.

As Jehoshaphat reminded himself of God's mighty acts, we too can look at the amazing

ways He has provided for the mission of the Ranch. Property, buildings, materials and

equipment,volunteers, and funding. They all flowed from His hand to give us the

opportunity to work along side beautiful ladies who have endured some of the deepest

trauma you can ever imagine.

Our God's heart is for them. He has moved in miraculous ways so that they could feel his

love and experience the healing He has for them. This Ranch is a powerful testimony of

God's lavish grace and abundant provision for the oppressed.


A message came to Jehoshaphat that God was answering his prayer and they went out to

face the vast army. They prepared themselves and acted in faith. When it was time for

battle, their weapons were their voices of praise. And in their worship God delivered them.

Our call is not to fight the battle alone, but simply to move in faith, in whatever ways that

God has called us, to give Him the glory due His name, and to watch Him fight!

I don't know what it means for you to act in faith as a witness to the work of God at Blazing

Hope Ranch. He has that answer. I know that I am called to simply be faithful with the duties

He sets before me while realizing that I am not truly strong enough or smart enough or

talented enough to accomplish anything outside of His power.

To some it seems like a scary realization. But the truth is, when I am weak, then He is strong.

Thanks be to God and blessings to all who stand with us!


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