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Become a Freedom Wrangler

FREEDOM WRANGLERS are unique and amazing individuals and families that partner with us in offering hope to survivors of human trafficking through regular monthly support for the work of Blazing Hope Ranch. As explained below, regular giving is essential to ensuring that the ranch fulfills its mission of restoring wholeness to female survivors of human trafficking and weakening the sex trade through the power of Christ.


Please prayerfully consider partnering with us for ANY monthly amount.  We currently have partners that are providing anywhere from $5 to $1000 monthly.  EVERY single dollar is appreciated and needed.  Can you give $5 or $10 per month?  Thank you! Can you afford $500 or $1000 per month? We would be grateful!

To God, it is never about the amount.  It is about giving from the heart as you respond the specific prompting he has given you (2 Corinthians 9:7).

How to Give

  • Select a monthly amount from the dropdown and click the "Freedom Wrangler" donor button. You will be redirected to our secure PayPal site to complete your recurring monthly gift. Set up is safe and easy!

  • You may also send a monthly gift to us by check through the mail to Blazing Hope Ranch, PO Box 164, Dayton  TN  37321. Indicate that you plan to make a recurring donation.

The Issue

Every day countless thousands of young women are trafficked for sex by shameless individuals and dark underground operations across the globe.  Our society is just waking up to the fact that slavery still exists in the modern world and even right in our own backyard . The need is great and the resources cannot keep up with the demand.

Many female survivors of human trafficking are rescued from the immediate control of a sex trafficker but often need counseling and skill development, including social, educational, and employment, to survive and thrive outside of the world of trade. These resources and opportunities are scarce.  In the State of Tennessee alone there is an estimated need for 200 spots/beds to provide long-term assistance to those being rescued.

We desire Blazing Hope Ranch to be a solid Christ-centered organization that will provide a safe and peaceful environment that utilizes a variety of therapies, primarily equine-assisted, to restore these exploited women to wholeness and enable them to transition into independent living.  

We need you to join us in this critical endeavor

The Need

The model of Blazing Hope Ranch includes providing transitional housing for six survivors of sex trafficking in a home-style environment with the assistance from skilled mentors. We operate in two 1250 sf homes providing for all of the residents needs including utilities, food, hygiene, medical, education, mental health, spiritual health and transportation.

The ranch utilizes approximately 7 horses and ponies in the work of providing therapeutic experiences and sessions for the residents of the ranch as well as for visiting trafficking survivors and for the prevention efforts of Camp Run Free.


All of the main activities of the ranch take place on the 100+ acre property above Graysville, Tennessee with all applicable taxes and grounds and facilities that require constant care, maintenance and repair.


Additionally we must cover all expenses related to administrative activities, fundraising and insurance.


Please note, however, that the ranch, besides the direct care staff, will be run completely by volunteers. The executive director and clinical director do not take a salary.

The Cost

We estimate that at a minimum it will annually cost $379,000 (approximately $31,580/month) to fully operate the ranch.  Our operations described above can be broken down into the following expenses:

Trafficking Survivor Care:   $270,000


Mentor Horse Care:   $  18,000


Maintenance:   $  23,000


Operations:   $  48,500

Camp/Events:   $  19,500



Annual Cost:   $379,000

(mentor salaries, food, hygiene, physical & mental health, utilities, etc.)

(hay, feed, supplies & equipment, vet & farrier services, etc.)

(equipment purchase & care, fuel, tools, supplies, utilities, etc.)

(mailings, insurance & fees, equipment & supplies, etc.)

(Camp Run Free, Hootenanny for Hope & other awareness events)

Our Promise

We are humbled and honored by everyone who chooses to support the work of Blazing Hope Ranch. We do not take your gift lightly and recognize that there are many worthy charities you could support.  We promise to be wise stewards of your hard-earned money and to utilize what has been entrusted to us to effectively accomplish our mission and bring glory to God.

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