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RESTORE wholeness to survivors through trauma-informed long-term aftercare.


The main initiative at Blazing Hope Ranch is a transitional living program that offers a safe, Christ-focused environment to transition from intensive treatment programs to a less restrictive treatment setting for survivors of sex trafficking. Residents of H.O.P.E. Haven come together in a family-style setting to experience our four foundations of success;

Healing, Opportunity, Protection and Education

Success is achieved as a survivor is moved along the path toward independence and personal goal attainment. With the guidance of a live-in mentor, women will learn life skills including home management,menu planning and cooking, applying for and maintaining a job, securing and maintaining personal transportation. They will also have access to community resources such as education, medical care and counseling services all within a biblical framework.  Horse therapy will be a primary distinctive of H.O.P.E. Haven.



Empower youth and families to RESIST the tactics of human traffickers.


Blazing Hope Ranch strives to weaken the sex trade through the power of Jesus Christ.  One of the ways we endeavor to do this is  through planned and structured prevention efforts.  Pimarily, we seek to fulfill our mission through Camp Run Free. This summer day-camp will provide a focused ranch experience for at-risk youth in our community. All activities will be planned around a specific anti-child trafficking curriculum designed for children.  Camp

participants will be invited back to the Ranch for continued connection, support and fun.More broadly, the Community Outreach efforts of Blazing Hope Ranch will seek to build community awareness of the issue of human trafficking, offer activities to enhance and strengthen familial bonds, and offer equestrian experiences to survivors of sex trafficking in our region who are not currently residents in our transitional living home. 



REDUCE the demand that fuels trafficking by raising up role models who will protect the value of women.


Through Guardian of Hope, the Ranch seeks to raise awareness of the contributions that men make to fuel the exploitation of women through trafficking and to build up leaders in our homes and churches that will help create accountability and a passion to protect the value and honor of the women in our lives and within our reach. Only men who truly show selfless care and compassion for women can destroy the scourge of sex trafficking.

There would be no need for efforts of resistance or restoration if there existed no demand for sex or sexual gratification apart from healthy, God-honoring relationships. Men that consume pornography, engage in sexual exploitation and violence and seek sex outside the bounds of God's design encourage and drive the desire for human traffickers to find victims to meet demand and build wealth.

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