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Blazing Hope is more than a name.  It represents a purpose to change the outlook and trajectory of the lives of women who were robbed of their dignity as precious creations. Each year the human sex trade forces thousands of women into a world of darkness, shame, abuse and depravity. Although not physical, the chains of fear, control and addiction are just as real. Out of the reality of human trafficking in the United States and the need for restoration for survivors Blazing Hope Ranch was forged.




Blazing Hope Ranch exists to restore wholeness to female survivors of human trafficking and weaken the sex trade through the power of Christ.


Blazing Hope Ranch endeavors to carry out its mission through delivering three core distinctives or initiatives; Restoration, Resistance and Reduction.


Blazing Hope Ranch endeavors to proclaim the matchless beauty of God as manifested through his character, his actions and his Word and to reignite the radiant beauty conceived by him within the deeply wounded soul.


Blazing Hope Ranch is dedicated to the empowerment of female survivors of human trafficking in a safe, Christ-focused environment that promotes full restoration of mind, body and soul while weakening the human sex trade through advocacy and awareness and prevention.

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