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Ryon joined our board in 2022. He grew up on a small farm in Southern Maryland, one of five siblings. He grew to love working on the farm, being outside and also serving others. After college, he married his high school sweetheart, Jen, and began life together. He spent nine years in the turf and shrub management industry, doing everything from turf and shrub maintenance to being a regional manager over six counties. In that time, he and Jen bought land and built a home in TN. He became licensed as an insurance producer in 2006 and operated a successful Nationwide office in Spring City, Tennessee for 9 years. When a door opened to try his hand as a lender, Ryon made the move and spent seven years with River Valley AgCredit and also SimplyBank. He is currently serving as Operations Manager at McCosh Landscaping And Supply.


Ryon and Jen have five awesome children, spanning from high school to pre-K. The family is active in their church, several local nonprofits and their various sports teams. They operate a small farm in Dayton Tennessee, raising goats and chickens. They enjoy outdoor time, music, sports and trips to the Outer Banks.


Ryon still enjoys serving others and believes that God has placed him in various roles throughout his life to shine a light and provide support and leadership to others.

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